Roll Paratha

Some lemon juiced into a mixture of onions and green chillies with a splash of salt and pepper with home-made shami kebab and Menu’s beautiful ready made parathas, this beauty was made and devoured instantly and drooled upon by the lots. I enjoyed. Yes, you’re welcome.


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Chinese Rice

Spoiler alert; there’s no chilli. It’s 3 am, I’m full, I couldn’t even finish all of this but I keep eating it because it’s just so full of flavour, thanks to my sister on Skype who’s on the other side of the world, we ended up making this beautiful, savoury dish while my dad tossed … Continue reading Chinese Rice

Chicken Palao

Now, everybody has their own way of making rice, but kids, this is what the infants to your grandparents love, why? Because it has taste, not spices, something I did not very much enjoy about the recipe at first but when I started eating it, I ended up enjoying the food once the taste sinked … Continue reading Chicken Palao